Sinking Foundation Repair in Buffalo, NY

House leveling is a term used to describe the process of lifting a home as close to its original state as possible (as construction permits). Leveling a home is usually accomplished by performing repair of the foundation.
A home that sinks to one end or several places is likely to have a structural problem. House leveling will usually correct this problem, but the source of the problem must also be addressed in order to prevent similar damage from recurring in the future.

Foundation erosion, structural damage, volatile soil conditions, under-slab plumbing leakage, poor outdoor drainage and intrusive tree roots can all contribute to a sinking home or sluggish, uneven flooring. It is also important to correct these issues before house leveling is carried out in order to ensure a more permanent solution.

Signs of basement sinking and settlement include uneven floors, jamming of windows and doors, tipping chimney, popped nails out of drywall, water in the basement, and loose bricks.

If you witness any of these problems, call today for free consultation and estimate from our experienced and skilled foundation contractors.

Foundation Settlement – The Root of Uneven Floors

Why do foundations lift or settle? Water and soil are the chief culprits. When combined, the two can create a force that causes the walls to crack as well as the movement of the foundation, including the siege. Foundation movement can take place in slab foundations, pier and beam foundations, and in homes with full basements. The house foundation that experiences excessive heaviness or settlement will eventually shift and crack. House leveling may be the remedy.
In addition to house leveling, consideration must be given to the problems that caused the shifts in the foundation. Expansion of clay soils leads to the movement of foundations. As the soil absorbs water, it exerts an excessive pressure on the foundation and lifts it upwards. The soil dries, shrinks, and the foundation settles, moving downwards. Poor outdoor drainage contributes to excess water in the soil below the foundation.
Water from plumbing leaks under the slab base or from excessive mositure from rain and melting snow may also soak under the floor, over-saturating soil. In the same way, the foundation soil may become over-saturated with water that flows back to the foundation from poorly graded driveways, walkways and patios.

Concrete Homes Basement

Houses with a slab foundation base can be leveled using a handful of successful methods. This may involve the excavation from the outside of the home and the construction of piers or piers, such as helical piers, bell bottom piers, steel piers or concrete piers, or the use of a chemical substance to fill the holes below the base.

Crawl Space Foundation Homes

For homes with a crawl space floor, house leveling can be accomplished by using a variety of efficient methods. House leveling methods include the installation of pilings under existing piers to fortify them, the use of rods or braces to reinforce damaged support stations and cure sagging floors, the stabilization of the soil under the foundation using a chemical mixture, or a combination of all methods.

Impact Of The Problems Of The Soil

Soil moves as it is too dry. Sometimes big trees have roots that lie under the base. Such roots can absorb up to 100 gallons of water from the soil every day. As the soil loses its moisture, it shrinks. Soil shrinkage leads to the movement of the base, in particular the differential movement. Differential change happens when one part of the base has moved while other areas have not changed. Your foundation may develop stair-shaped cracks when it is affected by differential movements. House leveling can help to reset the foundation and help prevent future cracks and problems.

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What’s House Leveling Cost?

House leveling costs differ depending on the state of the base, the homeowner ‘s goals and the method of repair. Contact our certified repair specialists in Buffalo, NY for a free foundation repair estimate.


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